Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Subtle beauty

I'm back! After a brief hiatus, I'm getting this blog going again. First a quick update. This is the first posting I'm doing wirelessly from my house. Yup, my house is now wifi enabled. YEAH! Cil, thank you for this.
I'm writing this posting on my laptop that is parked on a table at the car porch, glancing occasionally as my daughter paddling her trycycle. Who knows my next posting will be while I'm sitting on a park bench under a mango tree.
Now back to the picture above, driving past a padi field near Kota Marudu recently, I spotted some what appeared to me were poppy-like flowers by the road-side.
Their pink petals were a nice contrast with the green fields in the background.
Lesson here: Beauty is everywhere, just keep an eye out for it.