Sunday, December 10, 2006

Father and son

As I sat in the cool comfort of a resort at Pulau Mabul off the east coast Semporna district sometime last September, I spotted man and and boy paddling their outrigger canoe nearby under the heat of the noon sun.
It was a weekday and it occured to me that the boy should be in school and not in that canoe.
And then I reminded myself that finding their next meal may be the most important thing for them instead of thinking about how having an education could mean a better future.
As they paddled past me, the boy noticed I was taking their picture and smiled. I waved to him and he and the man waved back. And then they were gone.

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Philip Golingai said...

dear ruben,
hello! there's another blog called ... almost the same title as your blog except for the letter "s" ... the author of that blog is benben.
when i grow up, i hope to take pix like you.