Sunday, September 16, 2007

That time of the year

Come ever September 16 the annual question of how old exactly is Malaysia will be on the lips of some politicians and arm chair historians. See here , here and here. These are some of the more recent stuff on the subject.
Did Malaysia come into being on Aug 31, 1957 or Sept 16, 1963? Does this question actually matter at this point?
I think the question is repeatedly being asked from this side of the South China Sea as it reflects dissatisfaction as to how both states, that agreed to become part of the federation as equal partners, are being treated today.
It may not be too far fetched if I say that many Sabahans - due to Umno's overwhelming presence in the state - as well as Sarawakians can't shake off this feeling that both states are now subservient to Kuala Lumpur.
In the end, are Sabahans and Sarawakians feeling that they got rid one colonial master off their backs only to eventually find that another has taken its place?

Happy birthday Malaysia.

By the way, it's nice to be back after a short break due to blogging block (as in writing block).

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El said...

a bit outdated but i'll comment anyway.

as far as i'm concerned, it's 16 sept 1963. federal & politicians can say whatever they want, but they can't stop me from teaching the true history to my kids.

i agree, from one colonial master to another; maybe slightly better than the british one, but not much of a difference is there?