Monday, May 5, 2008

When a sidewalk will do

I've always thought of the game of chess as a game either for cigar chomping gentlemen in their stuffy clubs or nerdy types sweating it out in a competition.
However this scene outside a coffee shop at the Sinsuran area in downtown Kota Kinabalu a few days ago corrected my perception about the game.
This is also a rare sight in this day and age when so called online electronic games such as DotA or Defence of the Ancients.


Den Relojo said...

This photo is captivating. Although, I have never learned to play chess myself. It looks like as if it were taken from one of the streets in Manila.

Ruben Sario said...

Den: Many Sabah people feel that parts of their state, particularly the urban centres,are beginning to uncomfortably resemble the Philippines. In fact there is a place in Kota Kinabalu called the Filipino market as it is where
Philippines-made handicraft are sold by Filipino traders.

Den Relojo said...

That sounds pretty interesting. Is that place like Chinatown in Binondo, where Chinese people flock?