Monday, July 23, 2007

Bounty from the backyard

I do not have a kebun or orchard to my name but the small strip of land at one side of my house is enough for a papaya, a few mango and a handful of banana trees.
Though all these trees have bore their fruit at one time or another before, a few weeks ago, these began ripening together so we've had no shortage of freshly plucked from the tree fruits at home.
I'm occasionally asked why I've never moved elsewhere to practice my profession. There are many answers to that.
One of them is life's little rewards like this.



imagine if you have manga manila, bambangan, durian, langsat... u will forever be where u r... ha ha ha

love the simple life bro

happy eating fresh fruits!

Ruben Sario said...

albert; i'm try to remind myself of that everyday.

Philip Golingai said...

Wow! the fruit of your labour. Check out your blog is listed, Albert's too, and Jackson's. I can guess the face behind the blog. Anyway, to sikmading, please keep on writing as I love living history.