Sunday, September 30, 2007

Plastic scare

At the backyard of my house is a wiremesh basket in which my family has been tossing in discarded plastic containers, mostly mineral water bottles.
After a while we send them to the recycling centre. Mundane stuff. But looking at the filled wiremesh basket recently, i realised that there was an awful lot of plastic containers just one family has been throwing out.
Now multiply that thousands no, million times more. And how many are simply discarded and end up in garbage dumps? And that's just the plastic bottles. What about plastic bags?
A scary thought.



i have deja vu of the good old days
things were simple and fun
u need water, go get it using a bamboo (forgot the pronoun for it) from the streams
then store it in a jar
going jalan2, no worry, no need to bring water, coz u can just drink the mineral water from any of the streams
i miss those days

Ruben Sario said...

Albert: I know what you mean. Life was so much more simple and we didn't have to pay for water that costs more than petrol. Sigh...

El said...

some of those recycled plastic bottles will be turned into bottle fleece which are then made into clothing. a good thing if the recycle companies go thru the garbage & streets as well? btw, where are the recycle bins in KK?

Ruben Sario said...

Angel: You'd have have to ask around. I know there's one at Taman Far East in Luyang.