Monday, May 7, 2007

Padi scene

This rustic scene of an irrigation ditch running along a padi field in the northern Kota marudu district seems an appropriate picture to post at this time of the year.
May is the month when Kaamatan or Harvest Festival celebrations are held at the various districts and kampungs in Sabah.
The festvities are a time for thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest as farmers pray for a better harvest in the coming year.
Then the aramaiiti ( in loocal lingo party time) kicks in with lihing, 10-3 (cheap beers) and any other intoxicant taking centre stage.


jaxon s said...

this post reminds me of my kampung la... in kota marudu also

Ruben Sario said...

Hey Jack,
it should remind you of kota marudu. it's kampung batu 4, on the way to your place.

Kionsom-guy said...

Kawan, better kalo ada KARABAU saana balakang.
you should have TARIK the HIDUNG karabau and put it somehere in the picture... ha ha ha