Thursday, May 10, 2007

Suffer the children.

My job occasionally takes me to the Kota Kinabalu courts. When ever I’m at the courts, I dread passing the lock up area where detainees are kept before their appearance in court.
Families of the detainees – their parents or spouses – would wait for hours in the heat for a brief chance to see and exchange a few words with them as they are brought to the court or to a police truck for the trip back to the detention centres.
All too often, mothers would be bring along their young children, some cradling infants a few months old, to wait just like this woman. She was there the whole morning and by about 2pm, her daughter was getting cranky from the heat and exhaustion. It is sad that children all too often have to, in one way or another, pay for the sins of those their elders who should know better.


Philip Golingai said...

postcards from north borneo has made a second comeback.
welcome back mr ruben sario!


Ruben Sario said...

thanks phil. gonna keep plugging at this.