Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunset at Borneo's northern tip

A family enjoying time together watching the sunset near a globe at Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, a landmark in the northernmost tip of Borneo.
The landmark is a 45 minute drive from Kudat town is like a trip back in time as the road passes through endless groves of coconut trees and wooden farmhouses.
Most of these plantations were opened by Hakka immigrants from China who came to Sabah more than a century ago.
Some fung shui (Chinese geomancy) practitioners (if that is the right phrase) believe that the globe's presence have helped to deflect 'ill' winds from Sabah. They said that before the globe was installed, the state had been besetted by a host of major calamities since 1994 including a series of air craft crashes and kidnappings starting with the abductions of tourists from Pulau Sipadan in 2000.
However in recent years the situation is more quiet in Sabah.
Don's forget, Negri Sabah, Negri Aman.

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